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215B Milton Rd Staten Island, NY 10306

Best Real Estate Agent in Staten Island!

Zehra Vulic also known as "Zee" is a real-estate agent with more than twenty years' experience in the real estate industry. She always maintains a "people come first" attitude towards her clients. As a client or customer you will benefit from her in-depth knowledge of the local housing market. Additionally you will benefit from the experience and expertise obtained while overseeing, administrating and directing entire operations of commercial/residential properties, including finance management, leasing, insurance, tenant, sales, acquisitions and maintenance. Whether you are renting, buying or selling, a hallmark of her interactions with clients is her honesty, integrity and determination to succeed on behalf of her clients. So, if you want an experienced, knowledgeable agent who understands the complexities of the local market and able to navigate it successfully, then you should call Zehra.

Hours of Operation

M-F 9am-7pm, Sa-Su Closed